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Show Me Your Teeth

25 Jun

I like fashion and I like hockey, so it’s nicve when those two things mix.  I did this last awards show and I’m doing it again.  I like being a fashion critic.

First up is Selke winner and funny Russian, Pavel Datsyuk:

I like the suit, but I just can’t get past that huge tie.  Pink’s not the greatest color on him, either.  C+.

The Capitals’ nominees:

I dislike Ovie’s shoes and his haircut, but other than those two things he looks put together.  It’s just a little too simple for a guy like him. B

I love Theo’s outfit.  The skinny tie is very classy and I like the black and white look.  A little boring, but whatevs. B+

Green looks very handsome.  I like how he chose not to wear a tie because it’s a fierce look.  But at the same time, he looks like he tried too hard. A-

Now, our Rookie of the Year, Tyler Myers:

Oh boy.  With all that black, he might as well be a vampire.  It looks bad on his massively tall figure.  A little splash of color would have served him well.  D

Sidney Crosbiyatch Crosby:

I like his tie, but other than that, he’s vanilla…as usual. B

Crosby’s co-Rocket Richard guy, Steven Stamkos:

Stammer, I love you, just not your suit.  It’s too metallic.  Ovechkin wore a similar suit last year, but it wasn’t nearly as shiny.  I love the tie, though. C-

The only Stars representation, B-Rad Richards:

Call me biased, but I adore this outfit.  The black and grey combo is very handsome on an equally handsome guy.  His hair kind of sticks up, but it’s better than when he was bald. A

Finally, last but not least, my munchkin, Marty St. Louis:

I love his tie, even if it’s a bit crooked.  It’s the same color scheme as B-Rad, and I love it, though not nearly as much.  Nice look for a nice guy. A-


Everyone smile and say, ‘Awkward!’

21 Jun

This is what happens when hockey meets Miley Cyrus.  Watch and squirm…

Poor Jonny Toews.  He’s already the most socially awkward celebrity (besides Rob Pattinson, but who really gives a shit about Twilight) I know and I think Miley just made it worse.  Why oh why couldn’t it have been Hilary Duff or Carrie Underwood?  They would understand.

At least she pronounced his name correctly, right?


Nice wig. What’s it made out of?

17 Jun

There are two things that I noticed about this photo.  One is that Ovie looks like Princess Leia.  The other is that he borrowed Sean Avery’s sunglasses.  That’s uhm…an interesting look, Ovie.

There are more pictures like this on Alex Ovetjkin.

Sean has a new girly friend.

17 Jun

Hilary Rhodes is a model, so Sean finally found someone who appreciates fashion the way he does.


So untrue…

14 Jun

I was excited to see that my new Entertainment Weekly had True Blood on the cover, but then I saw this:

Bish please.   What does Jessica Shaw know?  Hockey’s over, but it’s certainly not out.

Excuse me for calling it ‘soccer.’

12 Jun

Soccer is like hockey’s cousin.  I mean, they’re almost the same thing.  Except soccer is the poor man’s hockey.  I’m sorry, since soccer is pretty cool, but it doesn’t hold a finger to hockey.

So today the US and England played a game.  It ended in a tie, thanks to the Brits’ goalkeeper, Ron Green.  He was eerily reminiscent of Vesa ‘OMGWTF’ Toskala.

He’s like the soccer goalie cousin of Mike Green, except without the Geico commercials.

Also enjoyable (if you’re American) was David Beckham’s face after that goal.

It’s like he caught unsmile-itis from Posh or something.

I’ll probably be watching a lot of soccer from now until the awards and the draft come.  Hockey withdrawal’s a bitch.

Stay Classy, Kaner

11 Jun

20 Cent sure does know how to have a good time.  His tipsiness was, uhm…amusing. NBC Chicago has a video of Kaner’s day of fun.

Some really good quotes came out of today, such as this one by 20 Cent:

I’ll tell you one thing, I’m gonna try and keep my shirt on all summer.  For all the cab drivers out there. I love ya.
Love you, too, Patrick. 
The one that’s we’ve come to call Duncan Teeth also had a good one:
Best time of my life right now.  Who knows a good dentist?
But the best quote was really more of a rap, courtesy of Steve Ott-esque Kris Versteeg.
That’s kind of catchy…though not as catchy as “Chelsea Dagger.”
I must say, though, that the anthem was my favorite part.  Chicago does it best, and today’s was no different.  In fact, it was probably better than usual because of the atmosphere.
It was a great parade, and I hope to someday see my Stars do the same thing.  That probably won’t happen, but I’m a pessimistically optimistic kind of a girl, so I still hope.
UPDATE: I found an interesting piece on Chicago’s Mouthpiece Sports chronicling 20 Cent’s drinking escapades.